Divine decorators Part 1: Kelly Wearstler

Welcome to my first post on my favourite inspirational Interior Decorators. These are the designers and decorators who inspire me with their sensational use of colour, texture and form, creating the most beautiful original spaces for their clients. First on my list is the undeniably fabulous Kelly Wearstler. Based in California (can’t you tell from all those sunny colours?) Kelly creates opulent and refined interiors from New York to Hollywood. Her work isn’t really known about this side of the pond, but I don’t really know why because she is absolutely huge in the States.

The key to Kelly’s luxurious interiors is layering, creating a rich, opulent look. She builds up tone on tone colours and uses lots of polished, laquered surfaces, metallics, rich textiles and bold accent colours.

Kelly also uses a quite amazing array of objets d’art and accessories to stunning effect. From oriental sculptures to ceramic vases to chunks of crystal, there is something interesting to catch the eye at every glance.

Every inch is tactile and alluring.

I love this mural of exotic birds.

Kelly has designed a range of rugs for the Rug Company, so us Brits can now get a little bit of the Kelly Wearstler magic into our own homes.