Vintage with a twist

1950s chair in blue felt      ThroneBlueberry chairs










These extremely chic vintage chairs have all been sumptuously reupholstered by Aiveen Daly, bringing them bang up to date for the ultimate in modern luxury. I love vintage and antiques and I am seeing beautiful pieces used more and more in contemporary interiors. Vintage furniture gives an interior a unique and individual style that is hard to match with modern equivalents. As Aiveen’s beautiful upholstery shows, the designs of the past can make the most stylish pieces of the present.


With a move towards sustainable design for environmental reasons as well a need to ensure that our homes are filled with real investments and not throw away purchases, vintage and antiques are more popular than ever.


I think red is one of the most difficult colours to use in an interior, yet it is probably one of our favourite colours, being primeval and powerful in its symbolism. Red is one of the strongest colours in the spectrum and is the colour that can be best seen from a distance, ensuring it makes a real impact.

Used well red can be vibrant, life affirming and powerful. One of my all time favourite designers, Suzy Hoodless, uses red to fantastic effect because she uses it in small doses with real impact and she has really changed my attitude to this amazing colour. The inspirational images below are all from Suzy’s interiors and show how red can bring a scheme to life.


Suzy Hoodless Barbados


Suzy Hoodless Barbados

Beach house, Barbados 


Suzy Hoodless LondonTown house, London


Suzy Hoodless London


Suzy Hoodless LondonThe Hospital, private members’ club, London

The Bouquet Chair

Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso



Tokujin Yoshioka has created an innovative and beautifully simple design for Moroso. 
“I got the idea for Bouquet from the installation I created last October for Moroso’s New York showroom. I used about 30,000 paper tissues to recreate a cloud-like atmosphere. The Bouquet makes people who sit on it happy, just as a bouquet makes the person who receives it happy. The vibrant, delicate colours trigger different sensations in each of us.” 
The Bouquet Chair “blooms” on a slim, chrome-metal stem that blossoms with white or delicately coloured “petals” made of hand-folded fabric squares sewn one by one, with great care and patience, to completely cover the internal surface of the egg-shaped, wrap around shell.