Today it’s pouring with rain in London, despite it being the height of summer. No change there then! Despite the general consensus that rainy days are depressing, I find that they always make me feel calm, relaxed and more clear in my thinking. The rain pouring down overhead and the slow descent of raindrops down the window panes can bring on a reflective mood. Surprisingly, rather than longing for bright, vivid colours I often feel most relaxed and happy on these days surrounded by the peaceful tones of blues. I’ve been thinking a lot about redecorating our home lately and one of the colours I’ve constantly been drawn to is blue. I’m particularly longing for a blue velvet sofa… Here are a few of my favourite images I’ve collected as inspiration for a blue interior.

Image via Elle Decor.

One of my favourite colour combinations is warm grey with cool blue, shown beautifully in this room designed by Thomas Obrien in New York. Brought to life by gold accents such as beautiful crystal wall lights or a fabulous antique mirror, this colour combination works particularly well with antique gold accessories as shown here… So classic and elegant. I love it.

Image via Solid Frog.

This room uses the warm grey and cool blue combination again, but this time with mid century modern furniture – another love of mine – and industrial materials against wool, wood and velvet to ensure that there are plenty of interesting textures.

Image via Elle Decor.

The focus in this room is the blue painting while the rest of the decor is neutral, but the blue is picked up as an accent colour by the blue velvet cushions, the patterned textiles and the blue coffee table book. Here again, there are some glamorous gold touches – the colour scheme in this room, designed by Benjamin Dhong, is all about the styling.

This last image just goes to show that a little bit of colour can go a long way so if you don’t feel like decorating your whole home in blue (or any other colour) simply adding a vibrant and beautiful object can completely transform a space.

And finally, perhaps my search for the perfect blue velvet sofa is over? The Ackroyd sofa, designed by Sir Terence Conran, will be available at Marks and Spencer from mid September as part of his new range for the British store. Definitely worth checking out.