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To find out more, discuss potential projects or if you would like to work with me please email me at

You can also follow me on Instagram @emilywheeler.interiors and drop me a message there.

I’m always happy to receive comments and feedback, answer any questions or simply say hello!

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5 replies to Contact me
  1. Do you know where one can get Wonkiware in the US? I love it and can’t find it anywhere! Getting married this year and looking to possibly register for it.

  2. Hi Emily:
    I saw this beautiful purple couch and it brought me to your site. Can you tell me where I can find out about it?


    1. Hi Heather, sorry it’s taken me ages to get back to you! I think the one you refer to must be the one from John Lewis. You can see it at Best, Emily x

  3. Emily,

    I saw a gorgeous tufted, sleigh bed with the frame included on pinterest. When I clicked on the picture, it brought me to your website. The tufted part of the bed is a champagne colored fabric. The bed is outlined on either side with wood that has a silvery/gold finish. I was wondering where I can get this bed and how much it is?



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