Colour me happy

Apologies for the lack of posts lately but I have been flat out! The grey weather has made me crave some cheerful colour so here are some inspirational interiors that I like to think I might have dreamed up myself…

Love the huge yellow painting in this incredible home office, which completely brings the room to life. The juxtaposition of the beautiful ceiling and doors against the clean lines of the furniture and the bright pop of colour in the painting is just stunning.

Dusty pink, blue and gold are my all time favourite hues so this space totally does it for me in every way. So gorgeous and glam… Just how I like it.

Most of us paint our ceilings white but using a colour is a clever design trick that really works, as beautifully illustrated here. I’ve also worked with an interior where the ceiling was a beautiful pale blue, which was subtle and incredibly elegant.

Now please bring us some sunshine!

All that glitters

All images from US Elle Decor or UK Elle Decoration.

Cocktail glasses by Marcel Wander for Marks and Spencer

Ritz cutlery by Zara Home

Bedside cabinet by Graham & Green

Mirror by Graham & Green

Whether you like a bit of bling at breakfast or bedtime, introducing a touch of gold to your interior can really create a feeling of glamour and luxury. Gold is the perfect companion to cool blues or greens and looks beautiful when contrasted with tactile linens, natural woods or rough plaster. With Christmas fast approaching, you really have no excuse.


Today it’s pouring with rain in London, despite it being the height of summer. No change there then! Despite the general consensus that rainy days are depressing, I find that they always make me feel calm, relaxed and more clear in my thinking. The rain pouring down overhead and the slow descent of raindrops down the window panes can bring on a reflective mood. Surprisingly, rather than longing for bright, vivid colours I often feel most relaxed and happy on these days surrounded by the peaceful tones of blues. I’ve been thinking a lot about redecorating our home lately and one of the colours I’ve constantly been drawn to is blue. I’m particularly longing for a blue velvet sofa… Here are a few of my favourite images I’ve collected as inspiration for a blue interior.

Image via Elle Decor.

One of my favourite colour combinations is warm grey with cool blue, shown beautifully in this room designed by Thomas Obrien in New York. Brought to life by gold accents such as beautiful crystal wall lights or a fabulous antique mirror, this colour combination works particularly well with antique gold accessories as shown here… So classic and elegant. I love it.

Image via Solid Frog.

This room uses the warm grey and cool blue combination again, but this time with mid century modern furniture – another love of mine – and industrial materials against wool, wood and velvet to ensure that there are plenty of interesting textures.

Image via Elle Decor.

The focus in this room is the blue painting while the rest of the decor is neutral, but the blue is picked up as an accent colour by the blue velvet cushions, the patterned textiles and the blue coffee table book. Here again, there are some glamorous gold touches – the colour scheme in this room, designed by Benjamin Dhong, is all about the styling.

This last image just goes to show that a little bit of colour can go a long way so if you don’t feel like decorating your whole home in blue (or any other colour) simply adding a vibrant and beautiful object can completely transform a space.

And finally, perhaps my search for the perfect blue velvet sofa is over? The Ackroyd sofa, designed by Sir Terence Conran, will be available at Marks and Spencer from mid September as part of his new range for the British store. Definitely worth checking out.

Shades of grey in Loches, France

I took these photographs in the small town of Loches in central France, while taking a break from our latest project. I’d been researching colours for shutters and exterior woodwork and was captivated by the beautiful shade of palest grey used on these shutters, gates and doors. What was magical was that most of the houses in the town had painted their shutters and woodwork the same or a similar colour, creating unity and a sense of peace and harmony.

Last chance to catch Ptolemy Mann at the Margo Selby Gallery





Textile artist Ptolemy Mann is currently showing at my lovely friend Margo Selby’s gallery near the British Museum in London. Ptolemy works in partnership with architects, art consultants and interior designers to produce hand dyed and Woven Textile Art pieces to commission for domestic, corporate and public spaces. Carefully stretched and three dimensional, these panels bring dynamic colour and geometric form to interior spaces. Ptolemy’s beautiful work has featured in Vogue (see above) and really shouldn’t be missed.


Margo herself is an amazing award winning textile designer who continues to go from strength to strength, creating wonderful textiles which you can see at her gallery and studio.


Ptolemy Mann is exhibiting at the Margo Selby Gallery until May 2nd 2009.


I think red is one of the most difficult colours to use in an interior, yet it is probably one of our favourite colours, being primeval and powerful in its symbolism. Red is one of the strongest colours in the spectrum and is the colour that can be best seen from a distance, ensuring it makes a real impact.

Used well red can be vibrant, life affirming and powerful. One of my all time favourite designers, Suzy Hoodless, uses red to fantastic effect because she uses it in small doses with real impact and she has really changed my attitude to this amazing colour. The inspirational images below are all from Suzy’s interiors and show how red can bring a scheme to life.


Suzy Hoodless Barbados


Suzy Hoodless Barbados

Beach house, Barbados 


Suzy Hoodless LondonTown house, London


Suzy Hoodless London


Suzy Hoodless LondonThe Hospital, private members’ club, London

Black and white

monochrome 1

Black and white, or monochrome, is probably the most striking, powerful scheme of all. Love it or hate it, there’s no denying it’s a style statement.

monochrome 2

This very contemporary London apartment uses monochrome in its simplest form to maximum effect.

monochrome 4

The combination of black and white furnishings and accessories gives the apartment a cohesive look and offsets the natural flooring and exposed brickwork.


monochrome vintage 1

This apartment, again in London, also uses monochrome but this time with a vintage twist. The use of different textures and patterns keeps the scheme alive.

monochrome vintage 2

The contrast of the dark matt wallpaper with the sparkling crystal chandelier brings this image alive.

monochrome vintage 4