Easy swaps for more eco friendly cleaning

Emily Wheeler eco cleaning

As well as trying to reduce the amount of plastic we use at home, I have been trying to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals we use. This is important because harsh chemical cleaning products, sprays and even scented candles can all pollute our indoor environment and have a harmful impact on our health as well as the environment. I’m by no means perfect when it comes to sustainable and natural living, but these are some of the small steps I’ve taken on our journey to reduce the harm inside our home.

My first swap is to use refillable liquid detergents so that we are not constantly buying more and more plastic bottles. Luckily, the refill companies are also health and eco conscious and so the refillable products are usually kinder to us and the environment than the harsh chemical cleaners you can buy in the supermarket. We buy refills of washing up liquid and laundry detergent and keep them in glass bottle dispensers. You can buy glass bottles in IKEA or your local refill or hardware store.

Secondly, we have switched from bottles of hand soap to bars of charcoal activated anti bacterial soap. Not only does this mean no plastic, but it also looks great by the sink. There are lots of brands available now from £2 on the high street to £40 a bar from Dior, because of its amazing purifying properties and incredible black colour.


Eco swaps Emily Wheeler

The third swap we have made is to wooden utensils, such as this gorgeous washing up brush. Who would have thought washing up could look this good?! Not only does this look a thousand times nicer than a bright plastic one, but it is biodegradable so it won’t harm the earth when you’ve finished with it. Most of the wooden ones have replaceable heads too, so you only need to change the head when it wears out rather than the whole thing.

The fourth swap we have made is to use coconut husk soap holders and scourers. Also biodegradable and plastic free, they look gorgeous and will quickly break down once discarded and can be recycled in your food or garden waste bin as they are completely natural.

And lastly, we have switched to bamboo toothbrushes. Have you ever thought about where your plastic toothbrush goes when you throw it away every three months? Plastic toothbrushes account for a huge amount of plastic pollution and bamboo ones are completely biodegradable and look great too.