Think glamorous… my top 5 tips for a glamorous interior.

We all like a little bit of glamour in our lives. Well, I do, and if you’re reading this blog the chances are that you do too. Our homes need to be comfortable, practical, safe, cocooning and full of personality, but I also like interiors that ooze glamour. I just can’t help myself.

Whilst there is no doubt that creating a comfortable yet glamorous home takes time and patience, there are a few tips I can share with you to help lift your home to another dimension… To make your heart skip a beat when you step through the door.

1. Get yourself a sparkling chandelier and bring in a bit of gold or silver, even if it’s just a lamp base, vase or cushion. We are all magpies at heart and nothing says glamour like crystals, gold and silver. Try to avoid anything new or tacky and look instead on auction sites such as eBay or vintage gems or visit vintage and antique fairs to snap up a bargain.

2. Introduce a buttoned sofa, chair, bed or ottoman for instant luxury and style.

Again, these can be picked up on eBay or at auction but beware of buying something that needs reupholstering if you are on a budget as the cost will escalate to a whole other level once something needs recovering.

3. Don’t be afraid to use colour. Whether you love bright colours or more muted, pastel shades, make sure you use plenty of colour and whatever you do, resist making everything beige! Colour brings an interior to life and can make ordinary furniture or everyday objects look more expensive and vibrant.

4. If it’s full on glamour you’re going for, and for a more formal look, try to create symmetry. Buy pairs of chairs, lamps or tables and place them in a formal arrangement for a more sophisticated look.

5. Mix vintage and antiques with modern pieces for a more personal, glamorous look. Combining different materials, textures and colours will create a more interesting feel and don’t forget to add artwork. Push the boundaries and only use things that you love, that make your heart sing. This is the most important thing of all.