Beautiful wallpapers from Eskayel

I first saw US-based designer Shanan Campanaro’s beautiful wallpapers over at my lovely friend Sara’s blog Colour Lovin’ Mother. I immediately fell in love with the faded watercolours and Shanan’s label Eskayel is awash with dreamy shades of blue, pink and grey used in an appealing abstract style.

The concept was born when Shanan was redecorating her home in the spring of 2008 and decided to experiment with the idea of making wallpaper by digitally manipulating sections of her paintings. After fabulous results she began using the designs in her exhibitions, which quickly led to her first interior wallpaper commissions. She launched Eskayel at the Brooklyn Designs Juried show in May 2009. Since then Eskayel has launched four major collections and a small capsule collection of patterns.

Shanan graduated with a BFA from Central St. Martins of London in 2003 and subsequently moved to New York, where she is based. At nearly $500 a roll for the wallpaper, it doesn’t come cheap, but a beautiful range of cushions, scarves and accessories means that there should be something for most budgets. Here are some of my favourite wallpapers from the collection.