Graham and Green’s Stag Sixteen for Centrepoint

Despite the economic gloom and the uncertainty that this brings with it, it seems that more of us than ever are digging deep into our pockets to help those in need. With this in mind, I introduce Graham and Green’s Stag Sixteen and invite you to bid on one of these extremely desirable customised stag’s heads in the name of charity.

Graham and Green has teamed up with some of the biggest names in design to hand customise 16 of its resin stag’s heads plus one that is edible (yum). The stag’s heads are available to bid on right now in an auction and all proceeds will go to the charity Centrepoint to support young homeless people in the UK. Centrepoint does a vital job supporting thousands of young people – if you value your home as much as I do then you will understand how important it is to have somewhere safe and warm to come home to.

by Gavin Luker

by Katie Hillier

by Nicola Malkin

by Manolo Blahnik

If your bid is unsuccessful then you can always purchase one of Graham and Green’s white resin stag heads and 16% of the price will go to Centrepoint. Let me know if you win one!