World of Interiors: The Last Taxidermist in Paris

“There is an elderly gentleman who has been coming here since he was 13. His mother gave him his first Bombyx butterfly for his first communion. He says he feels immortal when he comes to Deyrolle, because nothing has changed for over 100 years.”

These images are from a 1985 issue of World of Interiors, but I am posting them today because I confess that I have a fascination with taxidermy and I found them quite beautiful. There is something other worldly about the animals that are perfectly still as though captured by a photograph and yet appearing as though they could come back to life at any moment. I think it is also because it reminds me of times gone by  – magestic stately homes or the studies and laboratories of scientists and scholars in years gone by. There is also something quite beautiful about the animals themselves and being able to see them so close. I’m sure most people find it all utterly revolting, but I’m afraid I am quite fascinated.

I saw the original post here and you can click on the link to see more of the photographs.