Wonderland by Kirsty Mitchell

“I have walked on snow covered in flowers, stood in lakes at sunset, painted trees, set fire to chairs, made smoking umbrellas, and giant wigs from stolen flowers. I have laughed, been overwhelmed, and left in awe of all the things I had previously passed unnoticed until now …….”

Kirsty Mitchell is an incredible photographer, artist, designer and producer and is the young artist responsible for the astonishing images below. With a background in fashion, personal tragedy led her to become a full time photographer four years ago. Soon after, the untimely death of her beloved mother moved her to create these fantastical images as a tribute to the woman who “instilled in me the most precious gift a mother could, her imagination and a belief in beauty…… it became my root, and the place I constantly try to return to in my work, and my dreams.”

All of the costumes, sets and props seen below were created by Kirsty and her team.

You can view the entire body of work set to beautiful music, buy prints and see Kirsty’s other work here.