My Sunday in East London

Sunday is probably my favourite day of the week. Living in Hackney in East London, we are lucky to be in an area that comes alive on Sundays with fantastic markets, art galleries, fabulous vintage shops and lots of things to do. Of course, all this means I am in heaven whenever I have time to roam the galleries, markets and shops so today we took our favourite route through London Fields towards Brick Lane.

We started at Hackney City Farm. My one-year-old son loves to go and see the chickens, ducks, pigs and lambs and the farm cafe Frizzante does fabulous home cooked food. Today I had a mozzarella and roasted vegetable salad and my fiance, who is a total foody, had a rabbit and pancetta terrine. Both were delicious.

Our next stop was Columbia Road Flower Market, which is one of my favourite markets. I love to see what new art they have in the galleries and of course, as you will know if you are a regular reader of this blog, I also love fresh flowers and anything vintage so you can see why I love it. We’re so lucky to have it nearby and I buy fresh flowers every Sunday.

Nelly Duff is a lovely little art gallery on Columbia Road that sells work by some of our friends. I pop in every Sunday and see what they have – there is always something I love.

How do you decide what to buy when everything is so beautiful? I bought peonies this week as they are in season and one of my favourite flowers. I like to make the most of them when they are in season because in a month or so they will be gone…

We spent ages in Brick Lane today as I’m looking for a vintage dress to wear to my friend’s wedding in a couple of weeks. While I was there, I saw two amazing Victorian prints of two couples in love, one with the word ‘Betrothed’ underneath and one with the word ‘Wedded’. Perhaps it was a sign! I should have taken a photograph, but sadly I didn’t. I wish I’d bought them now. They were only £25 each. I don’t think they would have been right as a present for my friend so I couldn’t use that as an excuse and I am always buying things that I have nowhere to put, so I left them behind but now I regret it!

Cheshire Street off Brick Lane has several great design and vintage shops that are definitely worth checking out. If you haven’t explored this part of London then I highly recommend it. Broadway Market, Redchurch Street and Shoreditch are also worth exploring if you’re ever in the area. There are lots of great shops, cafes, galleries and restaurants to discover.

I hope you had a lovely Sunday too.