Faberge Easter eggs

My Easter egg is more likely to be made from chocolate than pure gold, but hey, I do love chocolate. While most are content with the chocolate or hand painted variety, Tsar Alexander III of Russia wanted to give his wife the ultimate Easter gift in 1885. This golden egg was the first of fifty two bejewelled eggs made by master craftsman Peter Faberge for Alexander. The Empress was so pleased (well, you would be) that Alexander commissioned one for her every Easter from then onwards and his son Nicholas continued the family tradition.

Each egg contained a little surprise. This first egg is one of my favourites of those that survived for its simplicity and beauty. The egg is made from gold, which has been coated in opaque white enamel to make it look like real egg shell. The two halves open to reveal a matte gold yolk at the centre, containing a gold hen with ruby eyes. But that’s not all… the hen also opened to reveal a tiny replica of the Imperial crown and a ruby pendant. Quite extraordinary craftsmanship and creativity.

If your egg is more likely to be made of chocolate than gold, then don’t worry, there’s always next year.

Enjoy your weekend x