Bathing beauties

bathroom french blue

Bathrooms are very personal, private spaces and it’s important that you feel completely relaxed and comfortable – after all you’re going to be naked most of the time you’re in it! I love this vintage, French style bathroom with its simple, romantic style.


bathroom white french

This bathroom has a slightly more traditional feel to it, but is still very feminine and elegant with vintage accessories while the very contemporary bath grounds the scheme.


bathroom pastel vintage

Another vintage style bathroom, although this one doesn’t look quite as inviting, probably due to the cool colour scheme and the cool quality of the light…



This bathroom still has a vintage vibe but is brought bang up to date with the strong hot orange on the walls which gives the room a warm feel.


bathroom slate with purple

This bathroom has a much more contemporary feel and is much more masculine with its use of beautiful natural slate tiles. The purple lighting and recessed shelving personalise the look.


bathroom white and natural

Again, the use of natural slate gives this bathroom a contemporary look. Used this time with natural wood and a white neutral palette, the room is very classic and easy to live with.