Moss carpet by Nguyen La Chanh

Swiss product designer Nugyen La Chanh has designed a natural carpet made from living moss. It’s completely bonkers but such a good idea – to have a living carpet of beautiful moss in your bathroom, the perfect place for moss to thrive. The carpet, or mat, contains three different types of moss and absorbs water from the atmosphere so you don’t even need to water it. I think moss is so beautiful  – it has to be one of my favourite of nature’s creations. What’s more, it must feel wonderful against your toes.




I’m always interested in the latest sustainable materials and design and this has to top the list at the moment – you can’t get much ‘greener’! It reminds me of one of my favourite gardens in Japan, where moss is used to create beautiful patterns and textures in a special ‘moss garden’ – see my photograph below, taken in Kyoto. Bringing the outside inside and finding new and innovative ways to introduce living plants to our homes can only be a good thing…


Kyoto moss garden