London Design Festival – Margo Selby gallery


Margo Selby is a super talented (and award winning, no less) textile designer who creates hand woven fabrics on her handloom in her studio gallery in London’s Bloomsbury. The wonderfully luxurious fabrics are then woven in English mills and made into gorgeous home and fashion accessories. Margo’s designs are instantly recognisable featuring rich jewel colours in geometric patterns with a three dimensional finish. Featured here are some of her cushions and fabrics. You can visit Margo and her team at the studio near the British Museum and see the looms where she develops her ideas as well as lots more of her lovely things.



As part of the London Design Festival, Margo launched these incredible hand knotted rugs made out of… banana fibre. The rugs are beautiful as well as being environmentally friendly and made from this innovative material, which looks and feels just like the most luxe material.



While I was at the gallery I couldn’t help myself and I bought this lovely wallpaper for my bedroom. I’d had my eye on it last time I visited Margo and after considering endless wallpapers I’m really pleased with this one and can’t wait to see it in my bedroom. Margo designed a range of wallpapers with this pattern but in different colour combinations. I love it because it’s exactly the right combination of good design, classic colours and a little bit of fun.



Margo’s gallery also features several other talented designers’ work in fashion and interiors, including Katie New’s handmade silver jewellery, seen here. Katie makes beautiful jewellery using natural, organic forms, mostly in silver. 



As well as creating interiors and fashion products (and of course the fabulous wallpapers) Margo has developed her fabrics into a range of luxe gifts. This purse is definitely my favourite for its clean lines and monochrome pattern.